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Internet Speed Tester Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 08 April 2012 15:48

Do you know your Internet Speed Connection?
Use the tool below to find out.

This tool tests the upload and download speeds of your internet connection.

Please stop all other internet activity before starting the test.

Network speed test results tend to vary.
To get a more accurate gauge of your network speed, it is recommended you repeat the test three times and average the results.

Both download and upload tests will take a few seconds.

Types of Internet Connections

Dial-Up (Analog)
Typical Dial-up connection speeds range from 2400 bps to 56 Kbps (0.0024 Mbps to 0.056 Mbps).

Typical ISDN speeds range from 64 Kbps to 128 Kbps (0.064 Mbps to 0.128 Mbps).

Typical Internet over Satellite connection speeds (standard IP services) average around 492 up to 512 Kbps (0.492 up to 0.512 Mbps)
Download and Upload speeds are not the same for DSL. Download speeds are generally greater than upload speeds.
The most important figure is the download speed, this depicts how long it will take to view a web page, download a music file or an email attachment.
Because DSL connections are Always on you need a firewall to protect your PC.

ADSL - Phone Line (via Telephone Company)
DSL connection speeds range from 128 Kbps to 8 Mbps (0.128 Mbps to 8 Mbps).

CABLE DSL - (via Cable TV Company)
Cable speeds range from 512 Kbps to 20 Mbps (0.512 MBps to 20 Mbps).

T-1 Lines
T-1 Lines support speeds of 1.544 Mbps

Last Updated on Friday, 11 May 2012 21:48

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